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Just finished White 2014 R1200R converted into Daytona “S”.


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this is from spy kids

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Professional chance

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"She be looking hella different through these thousand dollar frames"-Problem

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Sedlec Ossuary. Kutna Hora, Czech Republik

when there’s no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth

when there’s no more room in the ground the dead will be piled high. to solve the problem of over-crowded cemetaries, the dead were made into a church

this is what i was itching to see and the main reason i wanted to drive through the Czech Republik. the bone chalice, chandelier of skulls, and coat of arms are pretty damn impressive. there were 2 bone pyramids (made from 10.000 bones) where people would toss coins into.

the weird bone flowers to the side of the crucifix was my favourite

interesting but a bit crappy video on it here

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Take me. Please. ♡

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